Our Journey For Plastic Free Packaging

In the beginning,

When SunButter all began, we had a clear vision of what we wanted our product to be. All natural ingredients, gentle on our skin and the most ocean friendly formula possible, plastic free packaging, cruelty free and Australian made. It appeared very straight forward! However, we realised it wasn't to be so simple because in Australia sunscreen is a medicine, heavily regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). This is great in some ways, as it sets our nation apart from the rest with the highest standards for sun protection, but horrible in other ways for reducing our plastic footprint. According to the TGA we cannot manufacturer our sunblock in anything other then 5 ply plastic containers, which are NOT recyclable. This is because the formula must have packaging that is guaranteed "non-reactive" and allow the product to be malleable through the packaging. 

This is a disheartening wall we've hit. How can we produce our product  whilst maintaining our vision, being approved by the TGA and spreading the awareness of ocean safe suncare? A thick brick wall and one we're putting our heads together to break! 

For now we make SunButter by hand, small scale and just enough to spread the word and raise awareness. We believe that by existing as a business SunButter makes a difference. So we continue, in tins, not TGA approved, loved and trusted by many who wear SunButter for all the reasons we made it. The best for your skin, and the sea. 

Stay tuned on the journey soulty ones!


Team SunButter