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SUNBUTTER SUNSCREEN & MORE We have you covered for all your sunscreen needs and more! Whether you are looking for a natural sunscreen to protect your children, a bulk pack of sunscreen to keep the whole family, or even a longer-lasting sunscreen alternative for those day-long surfing trips, then we have the sunscreen products for you, and even the products to complement it!  SunButter Reef-Safe and Vegan Sunscreen Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you like spending time at the beach? Are you vegan? Are you looking to cut out plastic? Do you want to protect the reefs? Then SunButter Sunscreen is for you! Most regular sunscreens are polluting the earth and our oceans but our sunscreen was made with...

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Tom's Conservation Xmas List ~ Make your dollars do-gooders

Season of Giving December is the season of giving gifts and spending money — sometimes money you don’t have on things your loved ones don’t quite need!  If you have got cash to splash, doesn't it resonate with your Christmas spirit to be giving to those that do need help, especially at Christmas? Charitable Secret Santa For the past four years, our family Secret Santa has been organised as so that all presents are a charitable donation of $20 or more to a charity that the receiver would appreciate. This is something I get super into. I often get carried away and “buy” a present for everyone — not just my Secret Santa! It took a little bit of coaxing, but these days the whole family is enthusiastic about...

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DIY Christmas : Sacha's restorative lip balm for summer-kissed lips

Homemade Gifts We love the idea of making something for loved ones at Christmas time. Homemade gifts are often a more sustainable option, as well as being chock-full of love and thoughtfulness. Sacha’s restorative lip balm is the perfect salve for sun-kissed lips, perfect for gifting in an upcycled jar or even one of our tins!  Ingredients: 16g beeswax (locally-sourced is best for quality, restorative properties, animal welfare and sustainability. It’s also a fun way to get to know your local beekeeping community!) 7g red raspberry seed oil (jojob or grapeseed oils will also work and are easier to source). 13g organic coconut oil 13g sweet almond oil 3-6 drops of your chosen essential oil (Sacha recommends carrot seed, roman chamomile or rose geranium...

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