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Long Session Sunscreen

As avid surfers, we understand the ongoing desire to stay in the water to catch the perfect wave. However, this is made more difficult when you're battling with your inner voice to get out of the water over and over again just to reapply your sunscreen. This is why we developed our Long Session Collection.

We've thoughtfully created three sunscreens for this collection: Coco Tan, Salmon Run and Golden Sands. These zinc- based Surf Zinc tins are like a more concentrated, heavy duty sunscreen for areas that are prone to burning. Like your nose, cheeks, lips, or the back of yours hands. It's thicker and stickier than sunscreen and designed so you can see it on your skin.

Sunscreen for Surfers

Ideal for sports where you can't easily reapply often, high sweating activities, water sports where sunscreen can wash or rub off more easily.

Our Surf Zinc tins are enriched with natural oils, each with a thick and creamy formula which is easy to apply. We don't use any chemicals or parabens to create these products. The colours are tinted with earthy minerals, so rest assured they're 100% safe for your skin and the ocean. Paint yourself like a sun warrior and set out to surf!

SunButter has made these Surf Zincs available throughout Australia and the world. Find the right SunButter Sunscreen or Surf Zinc for you when you browse our online shop. You can also buy from any of our trusted partners here.