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Get to Know the SunButter Suncare Team

 Why Wear Reef Safe Sunscreen?

Having fun down the beach wearing reef safe sunscreen


In 2016 marine biologist and conservation ecologist team Sacha Guggenheimer and Tom Hiney were just learning about the negative impacts of chemical sunscreen pollution on our oceans, and in particular coral reefs.

At the time, Tom and Sacha were working on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Squeezed by the necessity to wear suncare to protect themselves from long days at sea swimming with whale sharks, and with the passion to protect the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, the pair began to develop a natural high quality sun protection. A formula that possesses the highest sun protection factor possible for their outdoor lifestyle, but was not going to compromise their skin with harsh chemicals or have adverse effects on marine life and corals. This is how SunButter™ was born. The original SunButter sunblock being handmade for the whale shark guides, photographers, spearo's, divers and fisherman of the Ningaloo Reef.  

Since then we have expanded from handmade sunblock to Therapeutic Goods Administration approved sunscreen, with our SPF50, 4 hours water resistant, reef safe sunscreen.

Kind to the Earth

Tom and Sacha’s passion to grow a socially and environmentally ethical company is driven by their travel and work as naturalists, lecturers and wildlife guides on expedition ships. Their connection to remote cultures and wilderness continues to drive them everyday in creating a strong for purpose business. Engrained in all their actions is their mantra,

"Protecting People & Oceans"

Children of Micronesia posing for a photo in the lagoon of their island home, Ifalik.


Meet SunButter Team

Tom Hiney SunButter™ Co-founder
Sacha Guggenheimer SunButter™ Co-founder
Jane Hone SunButter™ Director of Story Telling
Isabelle SunButter™ Director of Fulfilment


SunButter Development

The team is always pushing product development ensuring SunButter products are high performing and sustainably sourced, whilst doing good things for the planet. We're working even more diligently during these times of Covid-19 to ensure that our parcels are hygienically packaged to the highest standards and can be safely delivered to your door. 

Recently we improved our SPF50 with a  *NEW FORMULA*, which is now heat resistant and perfect for taking on those sunny holidays! 


Conservation & Marine Biology

Tom and Sacha are experienced lecturers in the fields of conservation optimism, marine biology, ecology, litter prevention and small business. 

If you would like to organise a presentation with students, employees, local community groups or conferences get in touch through:

We are passionate about education and sharing our knowledge, which we feel incredibly privileged to have received and experienced. 

Tom Hiney Lecturing at Wesley College, Victoria

Before SunButter

Tom ditched his place at London's School of Economics to become a dive master and travel the world. He managed a conservation island in the Seychelles before becoming a naturalist guide, with a particular speciality in coral reef restoration 🐠

Sacha jumped from engineering to marine biology, whilst always carrying a special spot in her heart for living a natural, healthy, organic lifestyle. Growing up, Sacha's Swiss mother instilled in her the powerful benefits of natural-healing by treating ailments from colds, to cuts, to skin allergies with herbal remedies 🌿

and a natural sunscreen was born

The combined life experience of Tom and Sacha has made the perfect collaboration for product development of high quality natural sunscreen with a strong focus on giving back to the planet where it is most needed 🙏🏼🌏

Through their hard work and determination, we now have the awesome SunButter Sunscreen and Surf Zinc products. 


Want to Know More About SunButter

If you have any questions regarding SunButter Sunscreen and Surf Zinc then check out our FAQS.

If you’d like to read more about sustainable suncare, or if you are simply looking to learn more about living plastic-free and saving the reefs then check out our blog page.


UPCYCLING: #SpreadTheButterFurther

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