Meet Our Family

SunButter's sponsored ambassadors are fearless leaders in their fields and examples of what people can do for the world. They are change makers and visionaries, elite athletes and photographers. They are also part of our field-testing team, using our products in a range of extreme environments to help create the most high performance natural formulas on the market. 


Danny Barnette

Danny Barnette Danny is our board-sports master and all-around waterman! Whether surfing, foiling, or kiteboarding he's in his element. Working as a surf and kite guide on a global scale, Danny spends most of the daylight hours in the water and often in remote untouched locations with pristine reefs. Danny values protecting his skin from the sun's rays, but he also values preserving the reef below the waves and the sea creatures that he admires whilst freediving. This is why SunButter is Danny’s sunscreen of choice. 

Professional Kiteboarder at Duotone Sports
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