SunButter Reef Safe Sunscreen Ambassadors 

SunButter's sponsored ambassadors are fearless leaders in their fields and examples of what people can do for the world. They are change makers and visionaries, athletes and photographers. They are also part of our field-testing team, using our products in a range of extreme environments to help create the most high performance natural formulas on the market. 


Madison "Shark Girl" Stewart 

Shark Conservationists and Ocean Ambassador


Alex Kydd

Professional Underwater Photographer and Videographer



Stacey "Skates" Short


Founder of Roller Fit and Roller Girl Promotions



Danny Barnette

Professional Kiteboarder at Duotone Sports
Bespoke Kitesurf Coaching Excursions 



Siena Hanna

Rising Star Professional Surfer



Matt Burgess

Professional Ocean Photographer



Chloe Rings

Marine Biologist and Indigenous Ranger Coordinator 



Alice & Angel

Marine Biologist and Vet Expedition Naturalist Team





Georgia Fish

Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, Surfer


Anouska & Andre 

 Professional divers and underwater videographers/photographers



 Laura Wells

Science communicator, Model, BSc(Marine), Sustainable fashion, Ocean Conserver, Plastic Reducer, Climate Activist


Brinkley Davies


Founder and CEO Balu Blue Foundation Inc., BSc Marine Biology, Wildlife Advocate, Waterlady.