Upcycle with SunButter

SunButter Upcycle


SunButter's brand new upcycling hashtag!

SunButter Tins are for Life!

Upcycling is close to the SunButter team's heart. Not only is your sunscreen plastic-free it also comes in a handy tin that can be reused and repurposed. 

Upcycling Ideas

Here are some of the team's ideas on how to upcycle your tin:
TREE HANGING ~ stuffed with treats. 
COFFEE SCRUB ~ with coconut oil and uplifting essential oils.
SUCCULENT TIN ~ to oxygenate indoor spaces.

Your Turn

Join SunButter in upcycling the Sunscreen and Surf Zinc tins. 
You can get involved by posting a picture of your upcycled tin and ideas. Make sure to hashtag #spreadthebutterfurther and you will get featured on our board below!