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Anouska & Andre

Anouska Nush Freedman and Andre Rerekura are united in their love of capturing the magic beneath the oceans surface. Based in Western Australias Exmouth, the adventurous photographer-videographer couple use stunning footage and imagery to inspire others to love and protect the ocean. They both live for the ocean and when not behind the lens, Anouska and Andre can be found free diving, boating, surfing and pretty much anything revolved around the sea and outback. Both are ambassadors for Adreno Free Diving as well as team members for Vagabond Photographic. 
Anouska and Andre chose SunButter "because you should always look after your skin in the sun and what better way than with a locally made environmentally friendly sunscreen which is healthy for you and the environment."
Professional diving and underwater videographer/photographers team
Anouska :
Instagram @nushfreedman
Instagram @andrererekura