Water-Resistant Sunscreen for Everyday Use

Everyday Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Did you know it still important to apply sunscreen even when you're not heading out to the beach?

It is important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays whenever and wherever you go out - especially here in Australia. But make sure to avoid relying on chemical sunscreens, as they are made up of UV blockers that are harmful to the environment and our bodies. When they wash off your skin the residue can contaminate our waters and pollute ocean and freshwater ecosystems. SunButter has tackled this issue and made natural sunscreen more accessible with the Everyday Suncare Collection.

Natural Sunscreen

Using only natural ingredients, our sunscreen will protect you without harming the environment. It has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 which blocks out the majority of UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, our sunscreen has restorative and nurturing properties which help to look after your skin’s health.

Be responsible while having fun in the sun with SunButter. Choose to apply an environmentally friendly sunscreen to protect yourself and our oceans.