Natural Surf Wax for Cold and Warm Waters

Sustainable Surf Wax

Keep your surf board reef-safe with petroleum-free and sustainable surf wax. 

Much like chemical sunscreen, regular surf wax contains harmful chemicals. Over time, the residue that these products leave in the water becomes toxic to the underwater ecosystem. SunButter has addressed this problem with a natural alternative. 

Natural and Sustainable

The Native Dog Surf Wax Collection provides you with a natural and sustainable alternative to regular wax.

Made with beeswax, coconut oil and tree sap, the wax comes in two reef-friendly variants that have been carbon and clay filtered to make sure it doesn't turn your board yellow. The Native Dog Warm Water Surf Wax is specially formulated for summer surfing. The Native Dog Cold Water Surf Wax, on the other hand, is made to go on even in cooler climates. Both waxes have been tested extensively to ensure their effectiveness.

Safe for Everyone 

Switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative when you choose Native Dog Surf Wax. Browse our shop to select the variant that suits your surfing style.