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Native Dog Surfwax for Cold Water Surfing


Petroleum-free all natural surf wax that humps your board not your leg

Cold Water Surfwax

Native Dog Surfwax is hand crafted by a local family on the pristine south coast of Western Australia.

This is a natural, petroleum free, sustainable alternative to your normal board wax. NDS uses natural ingredients including: beeswax (whitened using carbon and clay filtration so it doesn't turn your board yellow), organic coconut oil and tree sap (from their farm).

This wax is has been years in the testing and surfed all around the world. It's super sticky surf wax that humps your board and not your leg! Get your paws on some.

Cold Water Wax = blue paw print

Ideal for Southern NSW, VIC, Tas, SA and Southern WA or similar waters.

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