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SunButter Oceans

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Protecting Your Skin & Our Sea

The Best For Your Skin & The Sea

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Our Oceans Need Our Help

14,000 tons of chemical sunscreens wash off bathers each year polluting our oceans and killing coral. REFUSE chemical sunscreens and help #saveourseas

Skin Loving & Ocean Safe

Whether you surf, sunbake, garden or stroll SunButter protects your skin and is safe for our waterways.

Even The Most Pristine Spots Need Our Help

Consider the impact of your travels. Take only natural, reef safe sunblock on vacation and help #saveourseas

Be Their Champion

Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life on earth. Chemicals used in pharmaceutical sunscreens are now known to cause coral bleaching. Go Reef Safe and #saveourseas

Our Mission

Every year 14 thousand tonnes of sunscreen enters our oceans. Over 65% of which contain a chemical of high toxicity concern, Oxybenzone, and many more containing similar derivatives (EWG, 2017). Our bodies and our oceans are under pressure from these chemicals being absorbed through our skin, whilst also being washed off our skin and absorbed by the environment. According to research, 1 drop of oxybenzone in an Olympic sized pool of seawater creates a toxic environment for coral. Oxybenzone is also now recognised as a human endocrine disrupter (EWG, 2017). So we realised “Sun Smart” is not always health smart or environmentally smart. We wanted a human and ocean safe alternative. So, we became the change we wanted to see. Our lifestyle inspired us to build SunButter Oceans and create all natural sun protection. A simple alternative for our customers, that nourishes and protects your skin, whilst protecting the health of our oceans. Tested on surfers, snorkelers, divers, triathletes, gardeners, hikers, skiers, snowboarders, sunbathers and ourselves in all conditions, all over the world, to make sure its the best sun care for you and the Earth.

SunButter Oceans

Blog posts

Impacts of Sunscreens on Coral Reefs

Impacts of Sunscreens on Coral Reefs

The Swedish Government alongside the International Year Of the Reef and the International Coral Reef Institute have published a report reviewing th...
Our Journey For Plastic Free Packaging

Our Journey For Plastic Free Packaging

In the beginning, When SunButter all began, we had a clear vision of what we wanted our product to be. All natural ingredients, gentle on our skin...
How are chemical sunscreens polluting the ocean?

How are chemical sunscreens polluting the ocean?

Science now knows that many of the chemicals used in sunscreens directly impact ocean health. Here is a short list of the worst known offenders and...
SunButter Stocklist

SunButter Stocklist

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