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Frequently Asked questions

Can I find your product in any stores?

We apologise, but we have grown past the point of maintaining an up to date store locator. Which is exciting because now you can now find SunButter throughout every state and territory in Australia! If you know of a shop local to you where you would like to see SunButter stoked send us their details to and we'll get in touch.

Is your product vegan?

Our entire range of suncare is registered with the Vegan Trademark by The Original Vegan Society. However our Protective Hair Serum is made with locally sourced beeswax from backyard beekeepers on the Mornington Peninsula.

Is your product suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our gentle formula is perfect for all skin types. The perfect balance of soothing zinc oxide and moisture enriching oils. We have had great reviews from mothers using SunButter on children, as well people with eczema that it does not aggravate skin and soothes irritated or inflamed skin. This is in part because SunButter does not penetrate your skin like chemical sunscreens, it creates a physical barrier, therefore reducing the chances of skin reactions and irritation.

Is your product organic?

SunButter products are not certified organic, however all the ingredients are sustainably sourced.

What makes your sunscreen reef-safe?

We don't use chemical UV filters to block the suns rays. Our broad spectrum protection comes from a mineral, non-nano particle zinc oxide, which is listed in scientific literature as the safest and most non-reactive UV blocker for the environment. Zinc oxide has also been listed as one of the safest, non-toxic UV blockers to use on human skin (

Does your sunscreen rub in clear?

Yes, our SPF50 sunscreens rubs in clear and non-greasy. However, our Surf Zincs are designed to be applied thick and leave a visible colour and barrier on your skin.

Does your sunscreen go well under make-up?

Yes, our SPF50 sunscreen sits beautifully under both liquid and mineral make-up. If you are wearing a mineral foundation we suggest putting your sunscreen on 20 minutes before applying the powder. This will allow the moisturising oils to soak into your skin and not clump the powder on application.

Is your sunscreen suitable for face and body?

Yes, it is designed to work perfectly for both face and body as an all in one product.

Do your products sting eyes?

No, because of the natural ingredients and the fact that there are zero chemicals in our products means it is gentle on eyes as well as skin. You can easily apply our products close to your eye, underneath glasses, where often the skin is extremely sensitive and irritated by chemical sunscreens. With SunButter sunscreen you can say goodbye to stingy eyes after jumping in the water with a face full of sunscreen!

Whats the difference between Surf Zinc and Sunscreen?

Our sunscreen is designed to rub in as an everyday wear, for face and body. Our Surf Zincs are thick and sticky, designed to be visible when applied and stay on for hours even in the most extreme and challenging environments; surfing, sailing, trail running, skiing etc.. 

Can we send tins back to you for refill?

No, sadly the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) does not permit sunscreen to be refilled in reusable packaging. Sunscreen is classed as a medicine in Australia, which means it has very strict guidelines for packaging and use. We are continuing to communicate with the TGA on a possible solution to this. Until then, reuse our useful little tins all you can before recycling and know that 75% of all aluminium recycled in Australia will be recovered to make new things. 

You can join in with our Upcycling campaign on our new Upcycling page!
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How often should I reapply?

Regardless of the SPF, we recommend reapplying every 2 hours. Life gets crazy, fun and wild so best be safe and make your skin last you a lifetime of enjoyment. 

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