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We believe that the power of storytelling can give back to our community, inspiring generations of purpose led businesses. In fact Yvon Chouinard's book, Let My People Go Surfing, was one of our biggest influences in the early days of starting SunButter. Also, a local town hall presentation by Simon Griffiths from Who Give's a Crap was a huge stoke to our fire as we launched our first Kickstarter in 2019. Since then SunButter's journey has been filled with exciting twists and turns, challenging troughs and high peaks. We have learnt so much about ourselves, our industry, centering business with purpose and what it takes to hold true to our values through the storms that are a natural part of running your own company. Tom Hiney, our co-founder and COO, is passionate about sharing our story and helping mentor planet focused businesses to realise their dreams. We have appreciated the help of incredible mentors along the way and now it's our time to give back from what we have learnt. Lecturing on topics from; conservation success, planet-focussed start-ups, fostering optimism and how to build community around business.

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