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Laura Wells

Laura is an environmentalist with tentacles reaching across several areas — including TV presenting and international plus-size modelling. With degrees in Law and Biology, qualifications in environmental management systems, a Diploma in Paramedical Science in progress and a lifelong passion for helping the planet, Laura makes an incredible role model. She believes in using social media to help educate and inspire others on how they can improve their own health as well as the health of our environment. She’s a vocal campaigner for climate change action, and in 2018 was on-board the first ever all-woman expedition to Antarctica. 
Laura chose SunButter because "providing people with easy tangible solutions to protect themselves and our natural spaces is key to creating a healthier future.
Science communicator, Model, BSc(Marine), Sustainable fashion, Ocean Conserver, Plastic Reducer, Climate Activist
Instagram : @iamlaurawells
Website :