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February 25, 2020

Late last year we made the exciting decision to aim not just for carbon neutrality, but for carbon negativity. This means that rather than offsetting any emissions caused by our personal or business activity, we’re going the extra mile and helping draw down even more carbon than what’s emitted by our activities. This is where Australian not-for-profit Greenfleet comes in.

The legends at Greenfleet have been planting trees — 9.4 million of them, to be precise — across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. While deforestation continues to destroy huge and beautiful parts of the natural world, Greenfleet forests continue to grow. Not only does planting trees help draw down large amounts of carbon — a huge player in climate change — from the atmosphere, but it also helps fight soil erosion, improve water quality and create habitats for wildlife (including endangered species).

Obviously, we need this kind of work more than ever. We’re super proud and happy to be on-board with Greenfleet and you can, too! Their website provides several options to reduce your carbon footprint — from offsetting your car and flights to your wedding, household or daily activities. Check it out!