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Australia: A Surfer’s Haven

“Out of the water, I am nothing” Duke Kahanamoku History of Surfing  It’s hard to envisage a time before surfing was popular in Australia, but believe it or not, this popular pastime hasn’t always been a part of Australian culture. In fact, surfing (as we know it) originated in the Polynesian islands and has only been practised in Australia since the last century. Surfing, otherwise known as wave sliding, was not just a recreational sport in the Polynesian islands. Instead, it was a very spiritual and cultural activity that, when performed well, gained its surfers status, power, and romantic conquests. Surfing was such an important part of their culture that Polynesians made offerings to the trees from which they made...

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The Best Sunscreen for Surfers in Australia

Some of the world’s best surfing spots exist here in Australia, with waves suitable for all levels of ability. The significant size of the island continent means that there are a variety of beaches known for their outstanding beauty and incredible breaks. It’s no surprise then that surfing is a way of life for many coastal Australians and, if surfing is a part of your life, then sunscreen should be too.

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