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May 08, 2020


Kale Brock

SunButter ambassador Kale Brock — or @kalesbroccoli, as he's known in the Instagram world — is an award nominated-writer, film producer, speaker and free surfer with a special interest in health and wellbeing. You can check out Kale's Youtube surf channel ~ How To Rip.

How did you get into what you’re doing?

I've been obsessed with telling stories visually since I had baby teeth and I think it was inevitable I'd end up doing it professionally. Luckily, I've been able to centre this work around some big passions of mine; surfing and wellbeing. 

What motivates you?

I am chasing the flow that comes from challenge, really. The thrill of problem solving with incredible colleagues during the process is equally as exciting to me as looking back on a fantastic finished project. I feel the same excitement chasing waves; there's almost no better feeling than riding a wave exactly how you want to and I'm constantly seeking out those opportunities again and again each day!

Have you ever had a scary experience?

I've had loads of scary-fish experiences in the surf. I had a heart condition when I was younger and kept nearly fainting out in the ocean - this forced me to appraise my own wellbeing and ended up being a great thing. At the precipice of fear there is a weird kind of reckless abandon that is also a little addictive and empowering.  

What’s your most touching experience?

Moments in nature; those feelings of awe you get when you come out of a tube or gaze upon a starry sky or see the view at the top of a giant sand dune in Namibia. I am constantly in awe of how beautiful this planet is and how beautiful it's inhabitants can be.  

What’s your daily routine to stay in the zone?

Surfing every day and engaging with great people, both strangers and friends.  

How do you continue to educate yourself?

I read books non-stop, I listen to books and podcasts and I interview the smartest people on the planet. My job has been pretty insightful in loads of different areas and for that I am grateful. The more I learn the more how I realise how little I know and how much more there is to discover.  

Who in your field inspires you?

Kelly Slater for surfing. Guy Ritchie for filmmaking. We are so lucky to have so much (digital) access to our heroes these days and it's something I don't take for granted.
What’s your advice for anyone wanting to get involved? 

Whatever you want to do in life just remember; there are no rules besides the ones you set yourself. 

What’s your message/mission statement?

To make an audience feel something via telling an incredible story, and to have a shitload of fun myself whilst sharing it. 

If you had a billboard, what it would it say?

Slow down motherfu&#er. Take a god damn breath. 

If there was a one word reminder that kept you going, what is it?

Insignificance. [I am smaller than a tiny dot on the great arse cheeks of the universe.] 

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