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September 22, 2020

Snowboarder Michaela Davis-Meehan. A side-on close-up image of Michaela wearing red and black snow gear with a hood and snow goggles. She is smiling and there is a wavy piece of hair escaping her hood.

Photo: Oliver Godbold

SunButter's newest ambassador is Michaela Davis-Meehan, an epic big mountain snowboarder currently on the Freeride World Ride, where she placed second this year. When Michaela's not in the snow she's in the surf or sky (paragliding) near her new home on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC. 

How did you get into what you’re doing?  

I come from a ski family and we always made trips to the snow from Newcastle. I started with Perisher Winter Sports Club when I was a teenager, and the rest is history! 

What motivates you? 

Having fun, being out in nature, having the ability to do what I love and of course winning!  

Have you ever had a scary experience? 

Every time I strap on my snowboard! It's all about the adrenaline and making the heart skip a few beats. 

It's what I live for! 

Snowboarder Michaela Davis-Meehan. A snowboarder is airborne after launching off a clifftop in the snow. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly.

Photo: Tom Hoy

What’s your daily routine to stay in the zone? 

What I love about being a traveller is there are no routines, you just go with the flow. 

How do you continue to educate yourself? 

I'm always looking for a new challenge, trying new things, meeting new people and currently I'm studying for my diploma in film and television. 

Who in your field inspires you? 

All the amazing people I ride and compete with! Going out riding with a bunch of friends, having a good time and pushing each other to go bigger and better inspires me every time! 

...And my favourite snowboarder Travis Rice.  

Snowboarder Michaela Davis-Meehan. A figure dressed in an orange snow jacket carves some snow on the side of a mountain with a blue sky in the background.

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to get involved?  

Get out there and give it a crack!

DM me on Instagram, I have a Discover Freeride camp in the making and always happy to give advice.

What’s your message/mission statement? 

Surf, Snowboard, Have Fun. 

If you had a billboard, what it would it say? 

Just Wing It.  

If there was a one-word reminder that kept you going, what would it be?  


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