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February 06, 2020

Eleanor Killen (aka Elk Draws), the legend behind the SunButter logo, has penned some cute notes on the genesis of the design...

"SunButter was one of the first logos I ever created and was brought to life in the first few months of 2017. 
I remember it went something like this...
Plus 40 outside. 
Perched in my studio oven.
Resisting the urge for aircon. 
The aircon that screamed like a 747 jet. 

Pre-iPad or Adobe design suite. 
Sweaty arm sticking to the page. 
The page a tangle of ideas. 
Ideas in pen, pencil, pastels and paint.
Fan blasting hot ceiling air. 

Days and emails passed. 
Phone chats and giggles with Sach.
Phone chats and stories with Tom. 
The wave got drawn. 
CMYK, RGB and Pantone wreaked havoc. 
But thankfully the colours were found and the logo was born!

We are now three years later and @sunbuttersuncare are kicking goals and have some epic products! Super proud of founders @sachaguggenheimer and and excited by what's to come for them."


For more on El's amazing work head to

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