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November 11, 2022

A tin of tinted SunButter sunscreen sits on a table surrounded by greenery
Now, we know you all love our tinted SPF50 sunscreen a whole lot. It blends better with darker skin tones, it gives lighter skin tones a bronze glow and it comes with all the same mineral, planet-friendly goodness as all the other products in the SunButter range.

We also know that the very ingredient that gives our tinted sunscreen its tint can be a bit pesky to remove if it makes its way onto your white clothes. 

Hence, please enjoy our step-by-step guide to removing our tinted sunscreen (or any mineral makeup type products) from places it doesn’t belong. 

Why does tinted sunscreen stain?

We’re glad you asked! Our tinted sunscreen is a bit like a mineral foundation in sunscreen form. 

Being an all-natural bizz, we only use real ingredients. Our tinted sunscreen gets its tint from mineral pigments, which come with a deep, natural colour — a little like clay, or the red dirt you see in the outback!

We went with a mineral option because it’s hypoallergenic, which means it’s great for sensitive skin, acne, and a variety of other skin conditions, plus it won’t clog your pores. The result is a tinted sunscreen that includes a combination of pigments, oils and waxes.

A brown-haired girl in black bathers and a white shirt and sunglasses laughs while applying sunscreen to the face of a blonde girl wearing a white shirt

How do I avoid staining my clothes with tinted SunButter?

We have a few helpful hints when it comes to keeping those white linen shirts safe. 

  • Prep your skin 
  • Make sure your skin is hydrated but not oily when you apply your sunscreen (otherwise it’ll be more likely to slide off and onto your clothes!). It’s also going to be a smoother process if your skin is clean and exfoliated.  

  • Wait a little 
  • We all want to race out the door when the sun is shining, but if you can wait for your tinted SunButter to dry before dressing or moving your body, it’ll be able to set properly. 

  • Use powder to help set the sunscreen
  • Applying a mineral foundation powder will provide more coverage and, if it contains SPF, more sun protection. If you’re happy with the light coverage that our tinted sunscreen gives you, you could use a translucent powder to keep it in place. 

    What to do if your clothing has been stained by tinted products 

    Never fear! We’re now stocking Go for Zero natural stain removing sticks, which are palm oil free and 100 percent biodegradable. 

    Here’s how to use your Go for Zero stick for stains. 

    1. Wet stick and fabric with cold water as soon as possible, and run the stick into the stain. Avoid hot water or tumble dryers as this will set the stain. 
    2. Rinse and repeat if necessary until the stain is gone. 

    For stubborn stains, use the stick as a pre-wash. 

    That’s it, folks! If you follow the above advice you’ll be setting yourself for hours of glowing skin, sun protection — and sunscreen that stays where it’s needed!