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August 07, 2020

A woman with honey-coloured hair sits wearing a mustard scarf with her eyes closed, hand on her heart and faint smile

Over the course of this pandemic, we’ve become especially convinced of the power of having daily rituals in our lives. Rituals help give us a sense of consistency in times of uncertainty; they ground us; and they allow us to build healthy habits. They also don’t have to be big, complicated or expensive (morning cup of tea on the porch, anyone?).

We are therefore very excited that our friends Uma and Dingo are offering a free online 7 day pranayama course next week. 

If you’ve practiced yoga before, you’ve probably come across this ancient practice. In Sanskrit, “prana” means “life force”, or in simple terms, “energy” (similar to the Chinese concept of “qi”). “Aayama” means “expansion”. So the word “pranayama” literally means to expand one’s life force, though often it’s translated simply as “breath control”. In yoga, your prana is said to flow through energetic pathways called nadis. Pranayama is about clearing blockages in these pathways. 

There are a wide variety of pranayama practices designed for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you energy is low, high, scattered, sluggish or anxious, there is a pranayama technique for you, and pranayama is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, increase energy levels, and promote general health and wellbeing. The beauty of the practice is that you don’t need any special tools or props, it’s not difficult and it costs nothing at all.

Uma and Dingo are so passionate about sharing the magic of pranayama and building community, connection and wellbeing that they're offering their Level 1 course, Breathe, for free through their website, and it’s suitable for experienced yogis and beginners alike. It'll be happening at 6am (AEST) every morning — or you can view the recordings later. Sessions are 45 minutes and include a little practical theory, gentle guided meditation and time for Q&A. We reckon it’s the perfect ritual for current times (especially if, like us, you’re currently back in lockdown!).

You can sign up here

May the force be with you, friends (the life force, that is).