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February 16, 2021

Tinted sunscreen - your questions answered. Three tins of SunButter tinted sunscreen sit side-by-side against a wooden background

Is there a bundle option for tinted SPF?

YES! You asked, we delivered. You can now purchase the regular SPF and tinted SPF together as a duo, or a three pack of tinted sunscreens to last you yonks (our sunscreens have a shelf life of three years from manufacturing date).

Is SunButter tinted SPF50 suitable to replace tinted moisturiser or BB cream? What about foundation?

Good question! Our tinted sunscreen can make a great substitute for tinted moisturiser because, although it's a sunscreen first and foremost, the tint in the formula will provide a subtle glow and light coverage. Our sunscreens are also especially nourishing for the skin because they contain Vitamin E and coconut oil, and the tinted version has added cocoa butter for extra suppleness. We love the idea of using our tinted sunscreen on the face because it's so important to protect your delicate face with SPF50 every day!

As far as foundation goes, our tinted sunscreen will provide minimal coverage with a dewy finish that starts off a little shinier and then blends into the skin. You could definitely apply the tinted SPF50 and then layer mineral bronzer or foundation over the top for thicker coverage. 

Tinted sunscreen - your questions answered. A young woman with olive skin and brown eyes and hair wear a sun hat and smiles at the camera.

Does the tinted sunscreen work with all skin tones?

The beauty of our tinted SPF is that it blends in beautifully to darker skin tones, and will give a bronze glow to fairer skin. 

Will it stain my clothes?

The lovely bronze colour comes from iron oxide, which is a natural element that *can* (like our tan surf zinc) leave marks on your swimwear or clothing and be tricky (though not impossible) to remove. We recommend steering clear of light-coloured clothing and bathers while wearing our tinted sunscreen and choosing our original sunscreen for those days you want to rock your favourite white linen numbers (original and tinted sunscreen bundle, anyone?).

If you do run into issues with the tinted products marking your garments, please get in touch and we'll advise you on our best removal practices.  

Tinted sunscreen - your questions answered. A young black man smiles and waves at the camera while wearing a sun hat. He has tinted sunscreen smeared across his nose.

Is it the same formula as your regular sunscreen?

Yep, the tinted formula is the same reef safe, plant-based, vegan, mineral, plastic-free, much-loved concoction as our original SPF50 — just with the addition of cocoa butter and iron oxide providing the tan tint. 

Is it resistant to sweat?

We know you guys are loving wearing the tinted sunscreen while running, cycling, dancing, climbing etc. and that it's important to you that it doesn't wind up sliding off your face and bod. Our formula is four hours water-resistant, so you should be safe here, but please remember to reapply every two hours if you're sweating it up real good. 

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